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Welcome and thank you for visiting Healthy Choices today. The name is in sync with my mission. I seek to learn more and more each day about staying healthy in mind, body and Spirit and hope that my own journey of trial and error, exploration, intense spiritual seeking and experience may be helpful to others.


Because I have had such an issue with spammers, you need to contact me directly to be added as a member and to post comments. I can be reached at neva.howell at gmail dot com You must be a registered user to comment. I hold ALL comments for moderation and immediately delete and block spammers. In addition, I keep a running log of all isp accounts that attempt to hack into this blog.

Vitally Important Disclaimer:
This is an educational and personal viewpoint website. It is not medical advice and never intended to replace proper medical evaluation, testing and full discernment on the part of the reader.

You are responsible for your own health decisions. Whether those decisions lead you (as they have led me) to alternative medicine or to the medical model and western medicine, I hope you will find useful information here. However, in the end, you must take all information available and make your decisions based on more than just what you may find in a single online wellness resource.

If you are seeking healing or spiritual guidance, there may be information here that you will find helpful on your journey. One of the strongest knowings within me is that we are here to share and, in sharing our journeys with one another, we can help each other heal and that’s a big part of the focus at the wellness blog.

There are many aspects to healing. The mind, body, emotions and Spirit all have capacity to be wounded and fractured. As one who has healed fractures on all four levels in my own life, I hope to be able to provide support to others who are wounded, out of balance, or fractured.

My own journey of healing is not complete. I still have wounded places resurface for ever deeper levels of cleansing and release. Part of my path includes sharing those times as well; the times when I suffer and feel weak, disconnected, or lost. I hope that those who visit here will find encouragement and support.

My Journey and My Work You may also want to visit my main website Ask a Healer for more articles on health, spiritual wellness and nutrition.

How to Utilize The Wellness Blog:

Use the handy “search” option to find posts on a specific topic or health condition.

To comment and post here you must register, free. After registration, you may subscribe to specific spiritual or health-related categories and be alerted when new entries are posted that align with your interests. As mentioned earlier, I have disabled the registration form due to spammers. You will need to contact me by email at neva.howell at gmail dot com.

If you have a question on health matters, or a question on spiritual development, and you’d like my input, you can post your question here or email it to me. All comments are held for approval and I delete any personal information before approving the messages but all messages are posted, for the education of others who visit.

I have an articles section that contains both mind body spirit health articles I’’ve written as well as articles by guests and interviews or dialogues I’’ve had with others. If you wish to be interviewed for the well blog just email me: askme at askahealer dot com

Recommend a Health Therapist:
Another section I hope to build in the future with your contributions is a recommended health therapists directory. Do you know a health therapist whom you consider to be superior in their field? Why not write a recommendation for that therapist?

I do not accept advertisements or promotion from therapists…. This is for personal recommendations only. In particular, I’d love to have more suggestions for great chiropractors, healing facilitators, wellness coaches and spiritual teachers. If you have a recommendation for any type of mind body spirit health therapist, please send email to me: askme at askahealer dot com

I also offer personal product reviews. To prevent spam and advertising, I do not allow people to post product reviews. These are all products I have personally tried or reviews that have been sent to me by email that I consider well-reviewed enough to add. If you have a product and you’d like me to review it, please email me: askme at askahealer dot com.

The most frequently updated content will typically be in My Diary or in General Comments so if the type of information you see here is of interest, these would be good categories to which to subscribe..

Health Categories to Explore:
Cardio Cocktail Information
Matrix Energetics Information
Personal Musings from my diary
Self-treatment is NOT for everyone

None of the information on the wellblog is intended to replace or be a substitute for any advice you may have received from your doctor. I advocate medical testing, regardless of whether a person then decides to self-treat or put themselves under a doctor’s care. Know what you are up against, if you are ill. Get the tests, consult with the doctor and make your choices from an informed place.

Self-treatment entails a degree of personal responsibility and discipline that not everyone has. Be honest with yourself. If you are not willing to do the research, educate yourself on risks vs benefits to self-treatment, and monitor your own body’s response to self-treatment, then you are better off entrusting that job to your doctor.

About me: If you are at all familiar with a collection of consciousness information known as Human Design, you will know quite a bit about me by knowing that my profile is Generator 6/3. Human Design came my way a few years ago and the first time I read my free chart I thought, wow, this Ra guy has been following me around. It was so “spot on” it was a little unsettling, as if I had been put under a microscope and all my weaknesses and vulnerabilities laid bare for the world to see.

Actually, that was quite true in a sense but Human Design also highlighted my strengths for the first time and I recognized that I was entering the most powerful time of my life. It was a blessing that the information came to me when it did. If you have an interest, you can get a Free Human Design Chart and see if it pegs your life the way it pegged mine.

I do not diagnose or prescribe and nothing on this website is intended to be diagnosis or prescription. The intent is education and the sharing of personal experience.

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