Health Tip for Painful Left Knee and Hip

Health Care Tip: Relieving Knee and Hip Pain

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Help For Left Knee and Hip Pain

If your left knee or left hip hurts, specifically, here’s a tip…..

Notice how you get in and out of your car when you drive.

If you swing your left leg out before your turn your body at the trunk, this could be a major cause of your pain!

Just by remembering to swing both legs out, and pivot your hips around before putting weight on your legs and getting out can help a lot.

Notice also, when you drive, whether you sling your right leg in and enter the car at an unnatural angle …. you probably do unless you change it consciously.

Sit down first, then swing the right leg and left legs in, then finish pivoting the hips  forward.

Believe it or not, just making this simple adjustment myself helped with my own left knee and hip pain. I got the tip, like I do many good health tips, from my chiropractor.

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