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Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Raw, Organic Kombucha can help

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

My Favorite Natural Health Supplement right now

I have tried just about every type of health supplement and nutritional formula there is, over the years. I consider myself a guinea pig for healing. Depending on what my body needs, I am drawn to specific products at different times. I suspect the same is true of anyone. Right now, at the time of this posting, I’m definitely enjoying this one. In fact, the broad range of benefits I’m receiving are unusual to get from a single supplement.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Better energy

Better Sleep

Better Moods

Less Susceptibility to Colds

Less Appetite

What is the mystery health supplement?

It’s raw, organic kombucha. The brand I drink most frequently is is GT’s Organic Kombucha. I love the gingerberry, cosmic cranberry and multigreens best. For liver congestion, nothing beats the original citrus blend. Naturally full of probiotics, and slightly fermented, organic kombucha has a refreshing, unique taste.

Try it! When I say it’s unique, I mean it. In fact, I don’t even love the way it tastes but the moment it hits my mouth, my body demands more. I always feel somehow more “alive” at a cellular level with that first swig of organic kombucha. I would only drink organic.

There are lots and lots of Kombucha drinks out there so experiment and find the one your body likes best. Different flavors will appeal to different people and those with added cleansing or detoxing ingredients will fit some while not being appropriate for others so a little homework is important.

Don’t like drinking herbal teas or elixers? Kombucha can also be taken in capsule form if preferred. You may also order Kombucha starter kits online, at sites like ebay, and make your own Kombucha. However, be sure you follow instructions to prevent contamination if you choose to make your own and be aware that it takes a while. Kombucha is not an instant drink to make.

One of the benefits you may notice with kombucha is weight loss. I think this is due to the probiotics in it as well as the liver cleansing effect. I don’t recommend any supplement as replacement for a good diet and fitness program but if you are already taking care of yourself in those ways, it may help with your weight loss goals.

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