Cancer Prevention Tips

Health Tip: – Dietary Changes to Reduce Cancer Risks

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Dietary Changes to Reduce Risks of Cancer:
To reduce risk of developing cancer, stop eating meats that are fried at very high heat and greatly reduce or eliminate consumption of grilled or charbroiled meats. Some reports suggest carcinogenic chemicals form during the grilling or high-heat frying process.

Foods that are beneficial for cancer prevention include blue green algae, due to the high levels of chlorophyll and other factors, as well as green plants in general.

Eating more kale, collards and other greens can be helpful in assisting the body to resist the development of cancer. However, note that dark greens are plentiful in Vitamin K and should not be eaten without doctor’s permission if you are on certain blood thinners. Carrots also add cancer prevention power because of their high levels of carotene.

This is just a partial list, of course. The point is that diet and nutrition can definitely help your body resist cancer so explore these ideas more fully with your nutritionist or research more online if cancer is a concern for you.

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