Full-Cycle Breathing

Spiritual Tips for Ease in Acceleration:

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Deepen Meditation and Intuition with Full-Cycle Breathing

I learned about full-cycle breathing during the same time I discovered a lot about my spiritual path of awakening, in California many years ago.

Full-cycle breathing involves a sort of wave-like inhale and exhale that eliminates the jerky pause or full stop that many people cause with each breath.

Instead of pausing at the end of a breath, consciously float the inhale into the exhale without a pause.

It’s a very simple yet powerful way to slow down, tap into intuition and meditate.

Just allow one breath to flow into the next breath, eliminating the pause in-between. May take a little practice to get the flow of full-cycle breathing at first. Keep practicing and you’ll feel it when you slip into the powerful flow of it.

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