Joint Pain Relief

Natural Anti-Inflammatories Effective for Joint Pain caused by internal inflammation

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Turmeric and Salmon Oil to the rescue for Joint Pain:

I recently visited Oregon and tried very low dose recreational cannabis edibles (legal there) and I have to say, that worked better for joint pain than anything else I’ve ever tried, ever. I wish it was legal everywhere. That being said, note that the indica strain is more relaxing and sativa very different. I did not do well with sativa at all (horrible rapid heartbeat even at extremely low dose and didn’t notice any joint pain relief from the one dose I endured.

Although I feel that many will still benefit from turmeric and other supplements I write about here, I also want to direct your attention to what I consider to be quantum healing formulas. Start with the technology behind them: S.M.A.R.T. Nutrition.

For joint pain and inflammation, I find that staying away from refined flour and sugar helps, as does cutting back on foods high in purines such as red meat. If you suffer from joint or muscle pain, have arthritis or fibromyalgia, then you might try what I have often used for for both: Turmeric.

Tumeric is an herb known for natural anti-inflammatory properties and frequently used in ayurvedic medicine.  I take two capsules per day when my body tells me turmeric will be useful for what is going on with me.

Before taking turmeric, please read over some of the potential side effects of turmeric here

Salmon Oil is also just excellent for calming the inflammation response. However, look for oil capsules made from fresh-caught salmon, NOT farm-raised. The healthy omega’s balance is off in farm-raised salmon.

Occasional use of NSAID’s may be ok but using them all the time can lead to stomach problems and other health concerns.  I rely more on nature and hope you will consider natural options for managing joint pain as well.

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