Stop Eyelid Twitching

Health Care Tip: How to stop eyelids from twitching.
Manganese deficiency often the culprit

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Stop Twitching Eyelids:

I got this great health tip from a friend who was an emergency room nurse for about a decade and now does home health work. If you get that annoying eyelid twitch, where your eyes jump, try taking manganese.  Not magnesium.  Different mineral, different function.

She says one cause of eyelid twitch can be manganese deficiency.  I had this problem myself and it sure resolved fast once I took some manganese. My eye twitch stopped within hours. You can buy manganese at most health food stores. You may also eat manganese-rich foods like kale or chard.

Other symptoms of a manganese deficiency may include changes in your hair color or growth patterns, as well as dermatitis and low cholesterol levels.

Interestingly enough, those with epilepsy are often found to have manganese deficiency. More on manganese functions and symptoms of deficiency

Manganese plays important roles in many bodily functions as a part of several enzymes. Among its many uses, Manganese is helpful in blood-clotting, bone mineralization, and possibly as an anti-oxidant. Deficiencies of this mineral have been associated with depressed growth of hair and nails, scaly dermatitis, weight loss, and impaired blood clotting. Some preliminary research suggests that supplementing with Manganese may help relieve the symptoms of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and PMS.

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