Numbness in fingers

Health Tip: Symptoms of neck misalignment

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Numbness in fingers a symptom of spinal misaligment:

If you wake up with numbness or a sort of stinging pain in your thumb, first finger or second finger, it could be originating in your neck.

I was told by a chiropractor that those are very specific nerve areas that correspond to vertebra in the neck being out.The numbness certainly stopped when I got adjusted.

According to him, if you do you hand like a  six-gun, with thumb and first thing out, it can help you remember that numbness in those two digits (6-finger) is associated with misalignment in C6.

Numbness in the middle finger is associated with misalignment in C7.

Speaking of chiropractors, I’ve had some wonderful experiences and some terrible experiences. Without exception, the terrible chiropractic experiences were with those who do manual adjustments, where they physically twist your neck and it pops. I was hurt so badly this way that now, I never allow a chiropractor to adjust my neck manually.

There are excellent low-force and even no-force chiropractic care options so if seeing a chiro, I encourage you to investigate B.E.S.T. Chiropractic Care or other low-force chiropractic care practitioners.

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