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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

How to reduce the acid in coffee

If acid stomach is bothering you after having your morning java, is the only option giving it up? If you are like me, you can only give up so much!

I’ve virtually eliminated white flour products from my diet except for the occasional Hardee’s bisquit (and who can blame me for that?), very rarely eat anything with refined sugar in it and stay away from processed foods, high fat foods, junk foods, etc. But I haven’t given up my coffee. So, since I choose to keep drinking it, I have looked for ways to reduce the acid in the coffee. And I’ve found a couple that work for me.

The one I use most, simply because I have a local source for it and can buy it more easily than the second choice, is a product called Teccino. It is a coffee substitute but it also reduces the acid in coffee, so I just add a little Teccino to the pot when I make it. Teccino does change the taste a bit so it may not be fore everyone.

The second product, that also works great, is called Coffee Tamer. It comes in a little shaker and you just shake a little in your cup before pouring your coffee. It doesn’t really affect the taste either, which is nice.

If excess acid from coffee is upsetting your stomach or you have ph concerns about this, try reducing the acid in your blood stream.
more on ph levels

I’d also highly recommend switching to an organic coffee called Sanora. I love the rich taste of this coffee but what I love more is the way it’s processed. The natural antioxidants in green coffee beans are usually lost in the process of roasting and grinding coffee. With Sanora, you get all the natural antioxidants plus it’s easy on your stomach.

I always drink organic coffee and I’ve been drinking what’s called bulletproof coffee for about a year now. I love it. I used to always make it with organic coconut oil but lately I’ve been wanting to get a higher Omega 3 value and coconut oil is higher in Omega 6 so I’ve switched to Kerry Gold Butter.

In any case, if made correctly, Bulletproof Coffee is a big upgrade from non-organic coffee filled with half and half and sugar.

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