Overcoming Fear

Spiritual Tip on
Overcoming Fears

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

It feels good to feel protected.

I remember, when I first started on a conscious spiritual path as a healing facilitator, and first came in contact with fear on that level…..Smudging and crystals were the thing to use.  And I did.  Boy, did I.

I felt I had to protect my space during healing sessions or readings or negative energies could intrude.  And, at that point in my spiritual development, it was true because I was so afraid.

 Ironically, my fear was what made me need so much protection.

It was a long journey through that fear of so-called evil to the walk of unprotection.

One exercise that helped me immeasurably is from a book by Pema Chodron called “When Things Fall Apart”. 

She suggests breathing in the “bad” thing and using the transformative power of the breath to release something positive into your atmosphere.

It’s scary at first.  For example, if I was feeling fear then, rather than running from it, fighting it, trying to make it go away by smudging or other ritual, I breathed it in consciously and deliberately with the intent of shifting it with my ownership of it.

Breathe in fear, breathe out ease of being.

Breathe in fear, breathe out a feeling of safety.

Breath in fear, breathe out courage.


I did this until the feeling shifted in a progessive way.

I am aware that this not only shifted my body but the very air around me.  It’s taking care of my little corner of the universal mindset.  Imagine if we all did that…..

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