Dream Interpretation Tips

Dream Interpretation Tips:
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

What’s important to notice in a dream?

If you are working with your dreams from a spiritual perspective, you will discover that they may often help you on your spiritual path, sometimes to a remarkable degree. But what do you study about your dreams and what is just background noise from whatever went on that day?

When I practice personal dream interpretation, here are things that tend to matter:

Any color that stands out

Any person in the dream that is known to you.

Any celebrity (important to notice if they are there as themselves or as a character.  in other words, is it Michael Keaton or Beetlejuice?)

Specific numbers, particularly if repeated.

More tips for dream interpretation: 
Get in the habit of asking for dreamtime help every night and get in the discipline of writing down the dream as soon as you wake up. Thinking you will remember it later is wishful thinking, most of the time.

It’s very good to focus on the dream too, just on waking, and ask your higher self what area of your life or what issue it represents.

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