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Breakfast idea for workaholics: If you forget to eat while working at the computer, here’s a tip. Handy snack I keep available.

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Workaholics Can Forget to Eat. It’s true. I can say that cause I have tended toward being a workaholic!

Update, 2018: I continue the tradition of having snacks nearby when I am working at the computer. Sometimes, it’s still Bobo’s Oat Bars. I like the original best. Other times, I have Annie’s organic cheddar crackers or bunny grahams, which is cheating. These are not meal replacements but they sure satisfy that need for a little something in the afternoon.

Update, 5/30/2014: The original post was about something called Clue Bars. I forgot all about Clue Bars! Apparently, they are no longer available. I just did a search. That’s too bad. I remember them being quite tasty. However, the basic advice is still good so I’m leaving the post up for others who work at their computer a lot.

These days, I still practice the snack bar ritual though I need to get a pretty basket again. I eat Van’s gluten free chocolate chip snack bars with organic sunflower seed butter and I LOVE Bobo’s Oat bars. However, I can find the Van’s easier than the Bobo’s so…

By the way, did a review of Bobo’s Oat Bars

What works for me……I keep a basket (a pretty basket that’s nice to look at so I notice it) right next to my computer and it is full of my favorite food bar. Since Club Bars left the market, I started buying Bobo’s Oak Bars and I buy them by the case. I like them because they are all natural and have great, healthy ingredients for helping me lower my cholesterol.

Lately I’ve been eating Van’s gluten free chocolate chip bars with organic sunflower seed butter. I keep both flavors, the chocolate chip and the oatmeal raisin, to avoid boredom.

Since I so often get up, get to work on the computer and get immersed in what I’m doing, I also very often forget to eat breakfast. However, with the clue bars nearby in my pretty basket (their wrappers are also bright colors), I almost always remember to grab one and eat it.

This gives me good energy and helps me keep my cholesterol lower too.

So try putting a pretty snack basket full of healthy goodies by your computer, if you work at home, or at your computer at work.

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