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Spiritual Surrender Message – Billy Graham on spiritual surrender

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I surrender all

I just happened to be flipping channels last night and landed on a very old sermon by Billy Graham.

Just as I tuned in, something he said caught my ear.

He was talking about what I call spiritual surrender, or a giving up of what the personality self (ego) thinks should happen or thinks it needs.

Reverend Graham said he started each day by saying to God “I want you to direct this day; I surrender this day to you.”

What a wonderful way to walk your path. On waking, to decide that something bigger than the personality would be in charge.

I remember that old gospel hymn “I surrender all”. I always liked that song although, at the time I was hearing it and singing it, I would not have appreciated the idea of surrender. I was in an abusive, poverty-stricken household and I very much wanted to fight it, resist it, rail against it. Looking back, I can see that the old hymn wasn’t asking me to give up or to say it was all ok. It was asking me to surrender what I think I see and what I think I know to that bigger “something” outside and beyond the personal, that knows how all the pieces of it fit together in the end.

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