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Dark field Imaging shows blood cell improvement.

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Advaya Nutritional Supplement to Improve Blood Cell Health

Update, 2018: Advaya seems to have disappeared from the internet. Perhaps another FDA casualty. My apologies. I haven’t checked up on this product in a few years but when I did a search today, April 24, 2018, I couldn’t find it at all so I suppose it is gone forever. I also searched for Dark field Imaging, while checking old pages for needed updates. Can’t find that either. hmmmmmmm.

Original Post:
One of my favorite companies has come out with a new nutritional supplement called Advaya.  It has been clinically tested.

Here is just part of the research results of a study on what is being called “the wellness pill”, a study conducted with 20 people of various ages, over 30 days:

Dark field Imaging:

In cases that had a toxic terrain to begin with, Advaya™ appeared to support and accelerate the detoxification process, helping to eliminate stored toxins from tissues. In general there were improvements in the overall blood pictures, to varying degrees.

In some cases these improvements were dramatic and amazing after only a 30-day trial, given that it takes four months to turn over all new red blood cells (RBCs).

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