Byetta Side Effects

Diabetes 2 Medication, Byetta: – Side effects you should know about if your doctor has prescribed Byetta for type 2 diabetes
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The new kid on the medical diabetes block is Byetta.

Used to treat type 2 Diabetes, Byetta is an injectable medicine.

Potential Side effects of Byetta:
(Partial list; see doctor or pharmacists for full list):

Excessive Sweating
Chest Pain
Decreased Appetite
GERD – more on gerd

Important to note:  Byetta does not replace insulin and is not a substitute for it.  Also, it hasn’t been studied in children or for type 1 diabetes. Don’t use byetta if you take insulin.

You should report to your doctor immediately any persistent vomiting or abdominal cramping when taking byetta.

Byetta may reduce appetite and affect weight.

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