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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

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Update, 2018: When I visited the site today, there were about 20 tours scheduled but I didn’t see any tours specific to the Spirit Orbs phenomenon. However, you may still find the Sacred Tours itinerary of interest. Last I checked, there were tours to Bolivia, Southern France and Peru.

The information from here on is from previous tours… Featured Speakers at the most current conference on Light Orbs, or Spirit Orbs as they are often called, are John Pickering and Katie Hall whose book, Beyond Photography, was published November 2006 and is the first book to chronicle one couple’s experience of paranormal phenomena and to make a serious attempt to set those personal encounters in the wider context of human contact with the paranormal throughout history.

In their presentation at the Palm Springs conference they will be sharing with you some of the photographs, experiences and insights resulting from their four years of encounters with another Reality.

For both of them their connection with Luminosities actually goes back many years as seen in a few of their old 35mm SLR Photos in which Orbs are clearly present. At the time they did not recognise them for what they were (suggestion –go back and look at your old 35mm and digital photos).

Find out more about Spirit Light Orbs and these speakers at the website for the Spirit Orbs Conference:

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