Honey Uses and Health Benefits

Honey Cooking Tips and Uses:

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Cool Honey Tip

Hello Chef Cooks! How do you measure honey without the sticky mess? Easy, spray a thin layer of vegetable oil into measuring cup first, pour the amount of honey needed for the recipe directly into the pre-sprayed measuring cup. Add honey to recipe. You will find that the honey will easily release out of the measuring cup, without a sticky mess! This works like magic…

Honey uses:

Honey is used for a wide range of applications. More and more chain restaurants are using honey in their ‘secret’ recipes, sauces and BBQ dressings, replacing sugar with honey as a natural sweetener. Honey doesn’t just add add sweetness to any recipes, but also adds a special flavor ranging from mild to distinct, depending on the floral source from which the honey derived.

Honey is not only used for internal consumption, but we find that more industries and manufacturing companies are interested in integrating honey into their natural blends of cosmetics such as facial creams, toners, lip balms, shampoos, conditioners. Honey, especially Manuka Honey is also finding a broader use in health spas and is considered the “secret” ingredient for facial masks.

I got this info from the folks over at the Manuka Honey getting place

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