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Why I Stretch Every Day: Stretching for Health

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Incorporate Stretching Into Your Morning Routine for a Healthier Day

Because I work at the computer a lot and also work with hands and shoulders a lot in my foot reflexology and energetic healing work as well, I have to take particular care of neck and shoulders. 

However, I believe people tend to store tension in neck and shoulders anyway so I always suggest implementing a daily ritual of stretching.  I put my neck and back through it’s entire range of motion at least 3 times per day.

That means I get up from bed and I do range of motion stretches,  I get up from the computer periodically and do my stretches and I do them again before going to bed.

I have other stretches I do in the shower, when the muscles are more relaxed.  These stretches take only minutes in my day but add so much to my quality of health and vibrancy.

To take the neck through the range of motion is simple too.

Tilt neck slowly forward, then back to center.
Next, tilt neck slowly backward, then back to center.
Then to right, then to left, coming back to center in between.
And last of all, point right ear toward right shoulder and back,
then repeat with left ear.

To take your back through it’s natural range of motion,  I just repeat those directions.  With knees slightly bent, I lean forward and then roll slowly back up the spine to center.  Next, I lean backward and back to center.

Then, I turn with my hands out to the side, while watching where I’m going, slowly right and back to center and slowly left and back to center.

I’m grateful to my chiropractor for sharing these valuable range of motion stretches with me.

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