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Microwaves and Plastic:

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A toxic combination

I don’t use microwaves, as a rule.  I think they create changes in food that are unhealthy.  However, if when I do get tempted by quick results, I’d follow these important guidelines released by John Hopkins University:

Do not heat foods in plastic, particularly high fat foods. Plastics contain dioxin, a chemical known to cause cancer and, in particular, breast cancer.

When foods are heated in plastic containers, the dioxins in the plastic are released and go into the food.  Then, the poisonious dioxins go into your body.

Just don’t do it.  Better not to use microwaves at all but to avoid toxic dioxins, always heat in glass or ceramic.

Another tip: If you eat one of the most popular foods to be microwaved, which is microwaved popcorn, look for organic popcorn in paper bags without the plastic coating that releases dioxin. They do make that kind of popcorn now.

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