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Healthy Beef for Healthy Bodies?
Minimally Processed, Grainfed Beef from NatureSource but those last 120 days ….

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

If you are gonna eat beef…..choose wisely for your health

Update: On Feb. 21, 2016, I wrote the NatureSource website after reviewing old posts on my blog and finding this one. I specifically asked about GM grain and GM grasses. The response I got back has caused me to rethink my recommendation for this product. Turns out, though they are allowed to forage, they are also fed grain for the last 120 days and according to company rep, “We do not prohibit the use of GMO corn as part of the supplement diet of grains with the cattle.”

There’s a whole lot of stink in the green news about cow flatulence. The planet would be better off if we all ate far less beef. Cow flatulence makes more greenhouse gasses than our cars, believe it or not. Of course, part of the reason is the high-corn diet which, in addition to causing more gas also creates an less healthy balance of Omega’s than would be naturally present in grassfed beef.

Since I know there will still be beef-eaters who want a healthier option than eating meat that has been fed corn, pumped full of steroids, antibiotics and other stuff, and killed in such a way as to release adrenalin into the tissues, I wanted to mention the following: Every once in a while I come across a product or food that I feel is superior for some reason. I used to think NatureSource was such a product. There are some things they are doing right but the failure to exclude GMO corn in that “specially formulated corn-based diet” they get for the last 4 months of their lives negates a lot of what might be good about the beef.

I have been disturbed by the current method of raising and killing livestock for a long time. Aside from my strong repulsion to treating any living thing with such disregard as is shown in the typical situation, I believe raising cattle in cooped up spaces, using steriods, antibiotics and hormones, feeding them a diet that is poor or that contains animal byproducts which they were never intended to consume, and slaughtering them in a way that exposes the ones who are still alive to great fear and trepidation, effectively poisons the meat. The adrenalin pumped into the tissues and cells of the cow at point of death has to impact our bodies when we then consume that meat.

I’m thinking of a scene in “Last of the Mohicans” when Daniel Day Lewis finally sends the fatal arrow that drops the deer which will nourish his family and literally help keep them alive. He drops beside the deer, embracing it and thanking it for the gift it has given his family. What a contrast with the way animals are slaughtered today!

There is a company that is different. It’s called NatureSource and they produce natural angus beef that is minimally processed, contains no hormones or antibiotics, and no artificial ingredients. These facts alone put this beef above most in the supermarket, in terms of quality. NatureSource cattle are fed natural grains, grasses and forages. In addition, they receive a specially formulated corn-based diet for at least 120 before final finishing. Their cattle never receive animal by-products and are tested for pesticides. However, the big question in my mind at this point (in 2016) is whether that specially formulated corn-based diet they are fed before finishing contains bt corn. If these animals are fed GM corn for the last four months of their lives, it would undo the rest of the good things they do there. (see update at beginning, such is probably very much the case.)

NatureSource cattle are handled in a humane, gentle fashion from birth through processing. They are provided adequate space, housing and a comfortable enviromnet and given access to clean water and feed. NatureSource processes are endorsed by leading animal care experts. NatureSource uses a proprietary and new natural beef standard. Their requirements are confirmed by affidavits and on-site audits.

I admit the beef tastes good. In fact, when I originally wrote this, I said it was the best I’d ever put in my mouth. That may be true still but, for me, the inclusion of gm corn just is not worth all the rest. I’m glad they treat their cattle humanely. That’s a big deal for me. However, until NatureSource stops using GM grain, I won’t be buying their beef again.

PS. If you want to know more about how animals are slaughtered in most meat processing plants, there is information at Farm Sanctuary but I warn you that you may never be able to get the images out of your mind. In the name of money, we’ve lost all connection with the sacredness of the life we take to sustain our own.

Also, please note that this same company sites two environmental violations from different lines of beef produced by the same company that introduced the NatureSource line, National Beef. I include this information so that you can make as informed a decision as possible. I could not find any negative press on the NatureSource line. However, for me, the GM issue is a deal breaker.

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