Spiritual Gathering for Women

Women’s Retreat – Grandmother Jean, Claudia Rosewolf:

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Walking the Sacred Path with Practical Feet

UPDATE, 2018: I am not sure if Jean or Claudia are still hosting events like the one listed here but you can check with them to find out. There are some videos with Claudia on youtube. Here’s one to start: Claudia Rosewolf on Ceremony

I recently had a joyous reconnection with a friend I had not seen for 15 years.  Her name is Jean Weeden, or Grandmother Jean, and she is offering a special retreat experience for women seeking to become more aware of what may be holding them back at a spiritual level.  If this gathering speaks to you, I hope you will contact Jean and Claudia.

If the date for this particular gathering has already past when you find your way to this post, keep in mind that there may be other gatherings coming up so if this connection with Jean and Claudia feels right to you, don’t let linear time constraints keep you from connecting with them.

Walking a sacred path with practical feet                 ATTENTION!!!!!!!     I am sending this e-mail out to all I think might be interested in honoring themselves and growing. As a woman I am much honored to know Claudia Rosewolf (female shaman). I personally have been working with Claudia and have had some of the most wonderful experiences. The first time I worked with Claudia I found myself in front of the Ancients, what an experience. I was given so much information. Now I have to say I did not want to come back, but I needed to share what I learned, that is why I am here.

Claudia has helped me open up and guided me gently to a place where I could see what I needed for my experience to grow. This retreat will be a growing experience for all who attend. Go to Claudia’s web site, The Shaman Within, and check her out. Spirit has truly guided her here for a reason. If you have any questions please call me or e-mail me. Time is short for registering, so reserve your spot.       Love & Light, Jean Greetings all you girl children of sweet Mother Earth !!!
You are cordially invited to GATHER AT THE WOMENS RETREAT

 We will share: What is “holding” us back.   What messages/beliefs of the past prevent us from “stepping” into personal knowing.  Who are we in relation to our community, each other, and the spirits who walk with us.   Are you willing to accept conscious relationship with your Spirit?   Are you willing to accept conscious relationship with yourself?Receive:  “Tools” to be full & completely present with body, mind, emotions, & spirit.

Sacred Journey as a way to access your relationship with the Spiritual World.
Group insight/sharing…………..YOU as a woman of power/medicine.
Join us for a guaranteed day of exploration & fun!Bring: Bag Lunch, snacks, give away, instrument for joyful noise making, pillow,                        favorite stuffed  animal, and a friend. Update: This is an old post and I’m not sure if Jean or Claudia have anything going on right now. Please check with them if interested.
Place: Jean Weeden’s home   Contact info: Jean Weeden:  865.922.0974
You may also email Jean for more information here:



yahoo . com

                  Claudia Rosewolf: 615.772.8175…

or email Claudia at



yahoo . com

             Kindly send this email to your women friends…….thanks.Claudia is available for private sessions on Sunday & Monday.Claudia Rosewolf is a visionary committed to listening to the “call” of Great Spirit. Many life adventures, experiences & contemplation have enhanced enlightenment with self and the spiritual world.  As a Sacred Witness, she is dedicated to recognition of the evolution of humanity in a consciousness of mercy, kindness & compassion.  Shamanic Practices come natural to her as her love and passion.  Official  training/awakening is with Ancient Ways Center, Boulder ,CO.  Classes & facilitation sessions include:  the Art of Self Forgiveness,  Soul Gathering, Sacred Conversation Sessions, Medicine Wheel as Circle of Life events, Remote Energy Sessions, and an array of Sacred Ceremonies.  Claudia’s mission and destiny is to assist all beings to remember self as an Ambassador of the Creator having an experience in a body upon Mother Earth.  She is a member of the mixed blood nation called Me’tis.

What Jean has to say further, about her connection with Claudia Rosewolf and the upcoming energy of the retreat they will co-faciliate:

I have known my reason for being here on this planet called earth for some time now. At first I felt that it was a burden to large for me to carry,then Spirit reminded me of the contract I made before coming into this carnation.I was humbled. I called for a teacher many times to help me remember what I needed to remember , so I could mirror for others what they needed to see or to guide that person in the direction they needed to go.Most of the time  all I heard was go within.

It is a struggle for most to be still. Sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge what we feel or hear, sometimes we get all wrapped up in our dramas.As I said I felt I needed assistance . Out of nowhere Grandmother Rosewolf was there. I feel so priviledged to have her here on this journey of going within.  I hear and feel the transions that are taking place as I write this and Grandmother Rosewolf and I have discussed them.

We as women have to go within and empower ourselves. We have to rediscover the knowledge and peace that has been within us  all.

It’s up to you…what are you missing-inner peace-happiness? Do you as a woman feel empowered?

There is still time to take advantage of the woman’s retreat this Sat.  Nov.3rd 9am-4pm.
Wake up and become aware of the power within. This is my prayer for all women… we will need it.

In humble gratitude, Grandmother Jean

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