Atrial Fibrosis and Smoking

Health and Wellness Alert: New Toxic Side Effects of Nicotine
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I have always been ACUTELY allergic to cigarette smoke. Within seconds of being in a smoky environment, I begin to feel poisoned and sick. I’ve always been that way. When I was growing up, however, no one thought a thing about smoking in rooms with children. It was not even considered to be any kind of health threat for the adult, much less the undeveloped lungs of the child.

Now, of course, everyone who can read knows that second-hand smoke (also called sidestream smoke) is just as dangerous as smoking. This article speaks of even more toxic connections that have been discovered between smoking and health problems.

Even as a child you were likely told that smoking was bad for you! It is common knowledge in today’s society both smoking and secondhand smoke are extremely damaging to your body. A new scientific study points the finger, no longer just at the toxic chemicals you find in cigarettes, but also at nicotine itself, the addictive component in tobacco.

This study, released by the University Hospital Magdeburg of Germany, revealed that nicotine in the bloodstream is a direct cause of Atrial Fibrosis, a condition which causes arrhythmias and is directly linked to Congenital Heart Failure.

A good online article about the connection between nicotine and atrial fibrosis is housed at Medscape Today on this page: Nicotine in Cigarette Smoke Induces Atrial Fibrosis Related article on atrial fibrillation testing

A Natural Smoking Cessation Solution:

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Health disclaimer: Of course, conditions such as the atrial fibrosis or arrythmia may not be the solely caused by nicotine side effects and smoking cigarettes may not be the primary cause of congestive heart failure. However, it would seem wise to me to look at cigarette smoking as a probable contributing factor in these health conditions.

Please consult with a qualified cardiovascular health professional if you suspect you have either of these conditions.

Smoking cessation would be advisable in cases of congestive heart failure and would likely be suggested as a helpful decision when arrythmia or atrial fibrosis are involved.

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