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The Mersa Superflu is a reality

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Has the over-prescribing of antibiotics caused a true health crisis?

Remember “The Stand?”? It’s one of my favorite Stephen King novels. In this horror story, a superflu is unleashed on the world. But that could never happen…..could it?

As someone who has been involved with the holistic health community for decades, I know it’s been at least a decade that holistic health practitioners, naturopaths, homeopaths, and other alternative healing professionals have been warning about antibiotic resistance.

Tonight, on tv, the reality of an antibiotic-resistant superflu was made public. Doctors actually said that they don’t even think of using general antibiotics anymore to address MRSA – the superflu of this age. That’s because the regular antibiotics don’t work.

It is believed that inappropriate use of antibiotics and over-prescribing of antibiotics is the reason they are no longer effective in some cases.

The viruses and bacteria have mutated and changed, so that they are able to withstand the general antibiotics and live in spite of them. These mutations and changes enable antibiotic resistance, that is the germs resist the antibiotics and render them less effective or not effective at all.

In fact, there is only one antibiotic that still works against the MRSA strain of staph, called Vancomycin. Think about it. If Vancomycin is the only antibiotic that can still make a dent in this type of staph infection, then it will be the only antibiotic that is prescribed.

If it keeps being prescribed, to treat MRSA, what will keep MRSA from mutating once more until even Vancomycin will not work either?

This is exactly the prediction I have heard over and over, from the mouths of those in the holistic health field. And now, sadly, it’s coming true.

Superflus that no prescription antibiotic can touch may not be far in our future.

The good news …. and remember this for later ….. there are natural antibiotics to which the body does not seem to develop immunity.

Colloidial Silver is one, effective against about 600 different strains of bacteria and viral contamination.

I expect to see this supplement being called into use by the medical community, not because they want to do it but because they may soon have no prescription option that will still work.

Oh, and about those stories of colloidal silver turning your skin blue – it’s an extremely rare occurrence and every instance I have found was where someone was making their own silver as opposed to buying from reputable manufacturer.

I do not recommend making your own colloidal silver because the risk of contamination in a home environment set-up is too great.

MRSA (Mersa) used to be something you caught in a hospital but, as the report I read showed, it is now happening to people who have not been in the hospital.

It’s happening in places where groups of people are closely quartered, like athletes in the locker room, children in the daycare center, prisoners in the prison, etc.

This type of non-hospital-related MRSA is being called community-based MRSA and it has fueled panic and herculean purification efforts in the schools where it has been reported.

Testing football fields for MRSA bacteria and closing and sanitizing entire schools have been undertaken, in attempts to control MRSA ( Mersa ) outbreaks.

One doctor interviewed said that the students were not getting MRSA from touching inanimate objects but by touching each other. So other schools are being vigilant about using hand sanitizer and washing hands frequently, to control the spread.

However, the truth is that no one yet knows exactly how the MRSA is spreading among athletes but it’s also assumed that athletes may be at more risk for catching MRSA because the very nature of sports involves getting abrasions and cuts, which leave the athletes open to infection.

Early detection and treatment of MRSA / Mersa may mean the difference between life and death. If treated before the infection gets into the bloodstream, MRSA can still usually be stopped but after it gets into the bloodstream, treatment becomes far more challenging and the results can be far more damaging.

Any wound that does not heal or does not “look right” should be checked and MRSA / Mersa ruled out.

About Colloidial Silver: It is vital that you buy this product from reputable manufacturers because impure formulas may not work and contaminated product can cause argyria, imparting a bluish color to the skin. This is a rather rare occurrence and the few reports I’ve read were all from someone who elected to make their own silver at home, with a kit.

I would not advise making colloidal silver at home with a kit. It’s just too easy to contaminate the mix somehow; I’d leave that to the manufacturers who are able to make the silver in sterile labs under protective procedures to insure quality.

In fact, I used to make my own silver at home but when I gave a very large dose to a sick dog, her skin did turn bluish for several months. It was better than having her die but it made me think twice about making it myself after that.

While people have taken large doses of colloidal silver with no side effects at all, it is not recommended that silver be taken longterm. I don’t even take it internally unless there’s an infection that isn’t responding to my other standbys, which are oregano oil capsules and, as mentioned before, I do not advise making silver at home with a kit at home. It’s just too easy to contaminate the mix somehow; I’d leave that to the manufacturers who are able to make the silver in sterile labs under protective procedures to insure quality.

I use colloidal silver more externally, on cuts and scrapes and have given it to many sick animals. Without exception, they all got better and none turned bluish when using silver I bought, as opposed to the one batch I made and gave the sick dog.

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