Healthy Cooking with Garlic

Unleashing Optimal Garlic Health Benefits

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

How to reap the health benefits of the garlic clove

I love garlic. I have never tasted a dish with garlic where I thought the cook added too much. Garlic is a wonderful food with lots of health benefits but did you know that cooking with garlic involves important attention?

According to the American Chemical Society, to release the health-giving benefits of garlic in your favorite recipes, garlic cloves should be crushed prior to heating. This is a very important step because, unless the garlic is crushed, some of the healthy benefits of cooking with garlic may be lost.

This is because garlic has special compounds that can only be protected from heat through the release of a special enzyme.

In order to release that enzyme, crush the cloves before exposing them to heat. This action releases the enzyme that is designed to protect organosulfur compounds in the garlic, when explosed to heat.

You can further insure that heat does not destroy healthful compounds by letting the crushed garlic sit for a bit before exposing to heat.

Get the most out of your garlic! Crush before heating.

Notes about garlic: Garlic, healthy as it is, can interfere with certain medications so check with your doctor before adding it to your health regimen. Also, it is possible to allergic to garlic, just as it is any other substance, so if you notice any allergy symptoms, try staying off it for a while and see if they clear.

Garlic may cause stomach irritation if eaten raw. Nutritionists recommend regular use of garlic, in those who have no allergies and who are not on contraindicated medicines, for cardiovascular health benefits, the antibiotic properties and other healthy properties. However, there is no conclusive proof that garlic is the best approach for lowering cholesterol.

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