Mandatory Vaccination Laws

Mandatory Vaccination Laws Are Coming

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Forced to be Vaccinated

Update, 2018: The move toward mandatory vaccinations continues in the United States. The controversy over vaccine safety also continues, despite repeated incidences of infection among vaccinated communities. Outbreaks of shingles among children in Canada (previously, shingles was an adult disease) and the possible link between these outbreaks and the shingles vaccination are largely being ignored.

France has made vaccination of school children mandatory in 2018 and the punishment for not doing so is that your children can actually be taken away from you. This is an outrageous violation of human rights.

John Hopkins medical center has made flu shot vaccination mandatory for all staff. If you work at Johns Hopkins, you MUST get a flu shot to keep your job.

For those who believe in the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate: Stop Mandatory Vaccinations

Should the government be able to force your children to have vaccinations? Should you, as a parent, have to pay stiff fines if you do not compy?

This is already happening in Maryland…..

Acccording to an alert sent out by the American Coalition for Health Freedom, Parents in Maryland were told to appear in Court and subject their children to on-the-spot state-mandated vaccines of up 17 vaccine doses, or face imprisonment. Parents who ignored the court’s demands could face a $50 fine for every day their child is out of compliance or up to 10 days in jail.

I’ve got strong feelings against vaccination and I’m sure some of those parents might also have done their homework and discovered that giving 17 vaccine doses at the same time is not only unnecessary but dangerous.

Does the government have the right to make mandatory vaccination law?  They do if we don’t object to it.

In fact, documentation online from The CRS Report from Congress reads:

Historically, the preservation of the public health has been the responsibility of state and local governments, and the authority to enact laws relevant to the preservation of the public health drives fromthe states’ general police powers.

If you’ve never delved into the safety of vaccinations, for the sake of your children, I hope that you will.  Many vaccines contain mercury, a known toxic chemical.  Aside from that astonishing fact, vaccines just don’t work.  Research.  Learn that, even in schools where all students are vaccinated against chicken pox, kids still get chicken pox.

There are vaccine reactions that have been linked with autism, chronic illness, diabetes and neurological conditions.

Just google “is vaccination safe?” and you’ll get a lot of information.  Discerning what to believe is part of each parent’s journey and I don’t envy that journey for any parent reading this but it’s the future health of your children that may be at stake, as well as the loss of your freedom to parent them in the way you see fit.

There is a coalition against mandatory vaccinations and they have a lot more information about the fight to reverse mandatory vaccination laws in states where they exist, demand full disclosure and education on risks, and stop new laws from taking away parenting rights.  You can learn more about the coalition against mandatory vaccinations on the Association for Health Freedom website.

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