Medtronic Devices Recall

Health Alert about Medtronic Recall
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Medtronic Defibrillator Recall

Before reading this, if you have a medtronic defibrillator, first thing to do is take a deep breath, relax and let go of fear.  The last thing a person with a pacemaker needs is to be stressed.  Chances are, yours is fine so read the following information with that in mind.

The Medtronic company has issued a recall on defibrillators because of a potentially health-threatening concern.  It appears that certain models have fractures in the defibrillator leads that can cause malfunction leading to shocks or loss of service.

Only certain models are affected and the number of fractured leads found is small but if you have a Medtronic device, please call your doctor and get the model number you were given and then call the company directly to find out if your model number is one of the recalled products.

This is a Class 1 recall which means the problem could result in a life-threatening situation for those who might have a model with a fractured lead.

To call the Medtronic company, just dial their patient assistance line between the hours of  7 am and 9 pm CST

1-800-551-5544, extension 41835

You can also get more information on this serious health alert, by visiting the FDA page on the recall

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