Negative, Angry Feelings

Emotional Healing: The Positive Response to Negative Feelings
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on healing:
I am dealing with negative and angry feelings. I try to find inner peace and quiet but I still feel this way. Do you have any suggestions for overcoming these feelings?

Healing Facilitation response:
When we get mad, negative, etc…, it is a part of us asking for loving attention.

When we just try to “not feel that way”, we are resisting ourselves and turning a deaf ear to our own inner cries for help. Rather than trying to stop feeling negative, angry, etc…, it is better to notice that you are feeling that way, turn your loving attention to your inner self, and ask what is needed to bring you back into loving balance.

Anger is a often a warning that we are not honoring our own needs in some way or not expressing our truth for some reason. Usually, it is disquised as someone else not honoring our needs but the truth always is that we allow people in our lives for a reason.

If there is someone not honoring you as a person, perhaps not hearing you or not respecting your need for privacy, love, intimacy, attention, etc., then they are there to teach you to better express what you need.

There have been a few times in my own life when things seemed so unfair that I felt being a victim was my only option. Looking back on those events now, I see how they helped me discover my own truth and my own strength.

Self-reproach, guilt, hate or shame is another hidden reason we can feel angry all the time. Some part of you may feel unworthy or as if you have failed, or as if you are selfish, etc. By opening to your own beliefs about yourself, either through the spiritual disciplines such as meditation and prayer or through the help of an energetic healing facilitator who can assist in bringing belief systems forward in consciousness, you can begin to learn how to accept yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself and heal.

I encourage you to embrace yourself fully. Accept your own humanity.

Physical reasons for inappropriate or unexplained anger can include hormonal imbalances (particularly during menopausal years) as well as more serious conditions such as brain tumors so a complete physical is also in order, so that you may address whole being healing.

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