Digestive Enzymes for Bloating

Digestive Enzymes Information: Help for Bloating and Gas

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on healing:

Since a young age, I have had problems with bloating. I have also had candidiasis for year. A doctor put me on pancreatic supplements (Pancrex V) a few years ago after he tested and found my body wasn’t producing enough protease. They helped but I could only take one or two capsules each meal otherwise, I would have very severe bloating. I thought it may have been because I was reacting to them in the way I’ve reacted to foods that I became intolerant to in the past. I have had periods of food intolerance before. I switched to the plant-based enzymes about 3 months ago. Unfortunately, the bloating and gas have not subsided. Symptoms are worst when I take the Purezyme protease tablets, but pretty bad with any of them; I also take oxicellzyme and gastrozyme. Do you have any suggestions or information you could offer me?

Healing Facilitation Response:

Well, I’m glad to hear you switched to plant-based enzymes. I’m very familiar with the products you mentioned. I use them and they are one of only a few product lines that I personally endorse. That being said, I had gas and bloating when I used the Oxicellzyme but did not with purezyme. I have not tried gastrozyme as I do not have need of that formula.

I had several conversations with the owner of the company over the years about just this subject. One thing I discovered is that digestive enzymes often cause gas and bloating at first but you should be over the worst of that within a few weeks so I’m wondering about other factors, like diet, water intake, parasites, heavy metals, candida and stress…..all these should be looked at closely.

Also, I’m wondering if adding PureZyme on an empty stomach, in addition to what you are taking with meals, might be helpful. Protease performs quite differently on an empty stomach than it does when food is present and can be very healing.

The way protease works when taken on an empty stomach is that it goes to work purifying the systems – the blood, the lymph, the liver, etc… It is just a wonderful, wonderful cleanser and regenerator for the body when taken that way. The plantadophilus is also very supportive for a body with candida and knowing you have that, I would definitely suggest adding the plantadophilus if you don’t already have it.
Bloating and Enzymes:

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As far as addressing gas and bloating through adjusting enzyme dosage, the general consensus among enzyme specialists seems to be that taking more rather than less, can eliminate the discomfort. However, the Oxicellzyme formula contains broccoli, which can cause gas in some people and barley grass which can sometimes be intense to the digestive system at first, in some people (myself included, as I mentioned). You should check with the enzyme specialist at the company about the best way to balance the bloating and still be able to get your digestive system back on track but I suspect cutting back on the Oxicellzyme might be helpful.

You might also want to consider an internal cleanse. I have found that when problems with bloating go back as far as yours do, there may be years and years of old debris in the colon, hardened and clinging to the walls. Also, parasites which may have migrated into organs and muscles by now. I don’t want to frighten you but we can have some pretty nasty systems and still be walking around, which is a testament to the genius of God’s creation.

Regular use of the oxicellzyme and plantadophilus are suggested to balance out bloating but again, check with the enzyme specialists at Enzyme Essentials. They know their stuff!

On gas and bloating in general:
Gas and bloating is a fairly standard problem with many people when they are not digesting their food properly. When protein is not digested properly it putrifies. When carbohydrates are not digested properly they ferment. When fats are not digested properly they turn rancid. All of this creates toxic effects which results in bloating and gas as well as possible ill health in the future. These conditions become more prevalent as we age because our body is not able to produce as many digestive enzymes as was the case when we were younger. Many people notice that they are not able to eat the rich and spicy foods they could once eat.

Digestive enzymes will generally alleviate this problem but some patience may be required as the body releases waste and toxins, and gets used to more heightened digestive activity. After years of gastric abuse, it may take about a month or two for the body’s digestive system to begin working properly after you start taking digestive enzymes regularly. The body has to learn again how to digest and eliminate properly in cases where the bloating and gas have been constant.

Of course, you could also have some tests done and rule out any problems with the colon itself. Candida can also really play havoc with your entire system so I’d make very sure that was gone. Getting off sugar entirely for 30 days would be a great start – even fruit sugars, honey, etc.. Protease deficiency can be a factor in developing yeast, by the way. If it were me, I’d be taking the purezyme on an empty stomach (at least 3 hours after eating) every day for a while, to help the body kill off yeast. Protease functions differently when taken on an empty stomach than it does when you take it with food. Since you have a deficiency that has been diagnosed, I would think you’d want to use it both ways.

3 thoughts on “Digestive Enzymes for Bloating

  1. I woke up so bloated today and I’m thinking maybe it’s because of my lack of water yesterday! I feel so full and tight in my levi’s, it’s driving me crazy. More water today! =)

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  2. Jodi: I don’t know your age but the older we get, the more we need to supplement with digestive enzymes with each meal. Our natural enzyme factory starts to slow down with age and by the time most of us are 35, extra enzymes are needed. Add to this the fact that most of us eat quite a bit of cooked food (void of digestive enzymes), don’t drink enough water, and don’t eat enough raw foods and veggies and it’s easy to see why taking enzymes just makes good sense.

  3. ps. forgot to mention one thing though….when starting digestive enzymes, I find it good to start very low and build up. they can digest so much old stuff so quickly that you actually get bloated from that as well. Can avoid that by going slowly and giving your body time to adjust to very improved digestion. Also, more water, yes!

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