Prescription drugs and Cleansing

Should you stop taking prescription drugs when fasting or cleansing?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on healing:
I am taking 100mg Zoloft and I am planning a colon cleanse. Can I stll take the medication during the 5-day fast? Also, I know solid food is off limits but what about green tea, one cup of coffee in the a.m., and unsweetened soy drinks? I just want to know if these liquids would interfere with the cleanse. Additionally, how will I feel on the last three days-will I be able to work and drive without feeling out of it?

Healing Facilitation Response:
I am not a doctor so I can’t at all address interactions with medications. I’m sorry. You would have to ask your physician or pharmacist about the Zoloft question. Unless there is a threat to life, I generally feel it is not a good idea to abruptly stop any medication. Since Zoloft is given to treat emotional imbalances, it would be particularly important for you to check with your doctor before discontinuing Zoloft, even temporarily.

As for internal cleansing, I always tell everyone that they are the only ones with their own body 24/7 and self-treatment involves self-responsibility. I can’t say, without knowing your medical history in great detail, whether any of the things you propose might or might not be good for your individual cleanse.

Green tea and coffee are both stimulants so I’m not sure I’d drink much of either during a cleanse personally, but I can’t say what the effect would be for you. If you did choose to drink them, I’d definitely only consume organic green tea and coffee.

As for how you will feel during an internal cleanse, that is also extremely variable, person to person. Some people go thru a cleanse with very little fatigue while others feel very tired and can have flu-like symptoms for a few days or even have rashes if the toxins are being released too rapidly for the kidneys, skin, colon, lungs and blood to handle. A lot depends on how much cleansing your body needs, how radical your fast and how well you care for yourself during the cleanse.

I’d suggest visiting the detox articles section on my site for more comprehensive information on fasting and cleansing.

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