Detoxing with multiple symptoms

Detoxing with Mulitiple Symptoms – Deciding on a Detox Plan
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

How do you know what type of cleanse you need?

Question on healing:
I am experiencing shortness of breath, eczema, fungal infections in the mouth, itching on the anus, intolerance to certain foods, and constant throat clearing. Should I do a parasite cleanse, liver cleanse, or colon cleanse first?

Healing Facilitation Response:
Please note that I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or prescribe. The symptoms you have could be indicative of a medical condition requiring treatment so be sure to check with your chosen healthcare provider. My hope is always that a person has chosen wisely and their doctor is open to adjunctive holistic health therapies.

You have symptoms that could point to such a wide range of health challenges that it’s impossible to know which ones might be a factor. You need to see a naturopath or holistic health practitioner, if you want to pursue healing through the use of natural remedies and alternative medicines. I can share educational information with you regarding your symptoms but without doing a full consultation, would not know which might apply.

Some health conditions to rule out:
The eczema, fungal infections, and itching around the anus could all be symptoms of parasites but they could additionally signal a systemic yeast infection, called candida albicans. Both parasitic infestation and systemic yeast should be ruled out.

If I were cleansing and felt parasites be a factor, I’d definitely do a parasite cleanse first or get a cleanse which included a parasite cleanse within it.

I have addressed systemic yeast in my own life both thru cleansing and thru getting completely off refined sugar products for at least a month. there are specific cleanses for candida albicans.

In addition, colonics are very good for helping the body rid itself of parasites and excess yeast, when combined with a good cleanse.

The constant clearing of the throat could be part of the symptoms generated from either parasitic infestation or systemic yeast but could also be the result of food allergies.

Intolerance to certain foods could have several origins too, depending on what foods you find intolerant. If wheat or dairy, could be allergies. If fats, could be a gallbladder issue. If carbs or protiens, insufficient water intake or enzyme deficiency could be factors.

Tips for better cleansing:
Make sure you drink more pure water during a cleanse, and start your cleanse at a time when you have at least a couple of days to rest. In other words, start it on a Friday morning, rather than a Monday morning and take it easy for the first few days.

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