Spiritual Message in Animal Deaths

Discerning the Spiritual Significance of Illness in Pets
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on healing:
I am writing to you because we just had to put one of our beautiful cat companions to sleep. I would like more information about the “spiritual significance of illness in pets”. My cat passed due to something in his brain, either a blood clot or a brain tumor. Once we knew his eventuality, it was not important to narrow down the cause, we just put him to rest. Could you offer any significance to either of the two suspected illnesses or suggest any reading on the subject?

Healing Facilitation Response:
(This question was originally asked back in 2004 and I’m just not getting around to posting it, so it’s been 6 years now and I am still working with the medicine of that particular animal death)

The idea that an animal could take something when they die, take some burden from the person or persons they love most, is a new one to a lot of people. It was once new to me as well but, over the years, I’ve seen the precision of the
“medicine” in my own life and know that these most unconditionally loving of beings choose to serve, even in their death.

Typically, when I am contacted to help with a sick animal, I always ask what the nature of the problem is and, amazingly, it is very often uncovered in the conversation that the human ALSO has that problem or something similar. From prostate cancer to severe constipation to leukemia, it seems the animal “takes on” the illness for the human they love. It is my knowing that they are not just exhibiting extraordinary resonance with the human but actually taking part of the pain.

I’m always gratified to hear from someone who recognizes that the animal who chooses to leave also chooses to keep serving in their death. When one is aware of this noble characteristic of our four-legged friends, their messages, teachings and gifts are not given in vain.

Your writing to me now is very synchronistic in a sad way because we just lost a puppy to parvo and I’m struggling to determine the medicine he took for me and my Mom. I know parvo kills thru irritation and eating away of the stomach and intestinal lining. Though I have no strong problems in those areas, my mom does. However, I am involved in the “medicine” as well because I went through a spiritual divorce 3 years ago that I still have not resolved.

It “eats away at me” even after 3 years and I don’t think that it is an accident that the puppy died on the same day that I found out my spiritual partner had an affair. I have suffered knowing that part of the reason the puppy had to take so much was that I haven’t been able to forgive, release, and move on with my life. Yet, I also know how very willing he was to do it, how much he loved me and my Mom.

I would look at who was closest to your cat and what they might be going thru mentally and, as with me, it doesn’t have to be current but may be something they still think about in a damaging way, damaging to their mental health. That’s not the only message your cat could be leaving but it’s a place to start.

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