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Question on foot reflexology:
I usually have foot reflexology done once a week or bi-monthly. However, this round, I had 3-day consecutive sessions of a half-hour each day. Afterward, I felt like my body was tiring very easily. Are there any side effects with foot reflexology?

Healing Facilitation Response:
Normally, a reflexology session will not generate fatigue or detoxing but if you have several sessions in a row, it can create a situation where more toxins are released than the body can eliminate so temporarily, the body may feel fatigued.

If there is no other factor in your life from those three days that could explain the fatigue, I’d say your body might be releasing toxins too quickly and I’d either drink a lot more water on the day of the sessions (which may be enough to avoid the fatigue) or I’d only have sessions once every other day for a while, until your body balances more.

Typically, I don’t encourage several sessions in a row but usually recommend 3 times a week. Also, if there is any chronic or very acute situation, I don’t apply as much pressure or go as deep. It’s been my experience that a slow increase in pressure and duration in foot reflexology treatments is less likely to cause a healing crisis. I’ve had treatments from others that were so intense that they threw me into Herxheimer reaction and it wasn’t pleasant.

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