Working through your pain

Coping with pain when healing
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Question on healing:
Question on healing:
For a long time there have been many areas of my body I couldn’t feel. The pain has been so great that I was numb. I think it keeps getting better, but usually this seems to involve finding another level of pain first. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I actually hit pleasure! I admire your belief in a higher power and wish that I could find that for myself. Do you have any suggestions on how to manage my pain thru the healing process?

Healing Faacilitation Response:
One of the most powerful tools for working thru pain or accepting pleasure when it comes, is the breath. Breathing deeply and with the intent of integration is a powerful, powerful tool to use in your healing process. I suggest working with your breath daily, even if just for a few minutes, and remembering to use the breath to work thru emotional struggle when it emerges.

I suppose I am lucky to have always assumed that God was real, but you know, it wasn’t until I was about 30 that I knew for sure. The moment came within an integrative breathwork session which is a great way to get more in touch with your emotional truth and core. During one session, I suddenly went thru time and space to God. Literally, I saw an energy – a light – that I knew with every fiber of my being was Universal Lifeforce Energy. It was a day I never forgot.

I still have times of doubt and fear, and probably will as long as I have a human body to process experience thru, but after that moment, I was never able to stay in doubt for too long. I pray that you will have such a moment but also know that faith is the evidence of things NOT SEEN. The greatest faith can be built without knowing for sure. It’s a powerful statement of your heart that you still seek and long for deeper connection. Ask for what I call “medicine dreams”. Each night when you go to bed, ask for the healing help you need and ask for a stronger connection with God, in whatever way God sees fit to reveal that energy more fully to you.

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