Bursitis Swollen Elbow Pain

Relieving Painful Bursitis in Elbow
Found another Natural Bursitis Remedy

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Update, 2018: Unfortunately, the website that linked to these bursitis patches has been removed and I can’t find anywhere online to purchase Daniel’s Bursitis Patches. There is further nutritional information on this page so I’m leaving it up. Also, it includes the ingredients that were in Daniel’s Bursitis Patches so you might be able to either make your own or find a product with similar ingredients.

Finding an effective bursitis remedy proving daunting

My search for an effective bursitis remedy has been challenging. There are a wide range of remedies available and I’m getting some relief for my own bursitis pain but it isn’t enough….it isn’t stopping it quickly enough for me, that’s for sure, so I keep searching.

Here’s a list of all the herbs and nutrients I’ve found indicated as benefical for bursitis so far: MSM, turmeric, Omega-3 fatty acids, white willow bark, feverfew, bromelain, vitamin B-12, samento, cayenne, calcium and magnesium and vitamin E.

My current bursitis relief regimen:

I take tumeric, salmon oil capsules (for the antinflammatory omega-3’s) and vitamin C. Also am using myrhh and lobelia poultices and that helps with swelling and pain.

Dr. Jame Balch, author of Prescription for Nutritional Healing, uses the following in his nutritional supplement formula for bursitis:

Vitamin C, grapeseed extract, turmeric and bromelain.

Most recently, I found a person in Australia (or at least the products ship from there) who has created a bursitis patch. The logic behind the ingredients used was intriguing enough for me to order some.

These bursitis relief patches contain wood vinegar, chitosan, agaricus mushrooms and tourmaline, a substance which naturally emits negative ions and far infrared frequencies. However, I didn’t realize they were shipping from the land down under and would take about 10 days to reach U.S. so if you want to try them, be sure to order BEFORE your bursitis flares up, to avoid a painful wait).

Traditional medical approaches to treating bursitis include Cox-2 Inhibitors, regular NSAIDS and Corticosteriods.

ps. Mangosteen Juice is another supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties. I once had some ear accupressure testing done which confirmed what I already knew, which was that my body tended to have internal inflammation. Of course, I’m not alone there. There’s been several books written lately about the inflammation response so I think it’s a more common condition than most of us realize yet. Anyway, the person I saw suggested Mangosteen Juice and I did drink it for a while, about 2 ounces per day, and it DID help. Just realized that and will get back on the Mangosteen Juice myself.

2 thoughts on “Bursitis Swollen Elbow Pain

  1. Pls respond as to your opinion on the patches. I realize this blog info is two years old but I am looking for something affective in reducing the rather large bulge at my elbow. I am considering the patches that you apparently ordered. Were those at all effective. Thank you. Richard Bullock


  2. Richard: You have my empathy. Bursitis is a very painful condition. If you read the other entries on the subject, you’ll see that I tried everything I could think of for the pain.

    The bursitis patches definitely did help, in my opinion. However, since I didn’t get them until well into the bursitis episode I can’t be sure how much they helped.

    The mangosteen juice was also very helpful, at least in my case.

    Also significant in my case was identifying the non-physical factors that contributed to my manifesting bursitis in the body: http://healthychoices.askahealer.com/2007/12/16/spiritual-significance-of-bursitis/

    I’d look at anti-inflammatories in particular, and yes, I’d probably try the patches again if my bursitis returned.

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