Noise Reduction Challenges

Why am I Creating an Environment with Too Much Noise?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Update, 2018: Ha. Reading this old post I see that I have still been working this piece. I’m better though, truly, so I hold hope that this stubborn way of moving through life can eventually be replaced with a more positive and pleasant choice. The information I got from Tony Robbins remains valuable so I’m leaving the post up.

Tony Robbins told me years ago (it was via his cassette tapes, which gives a clue as to how many years ago) that we learn in two ways as we move through this thing called life. We either move toward pleasure or away from pain.

I’ve spent a lot of my life doing the latter. And, it appears, I’m not through with this lesson yet. Will the desire to move away from painful situations again cause me to surrender where I live and move to another location yet again?

My Diary: December 9, 2007

This is my first online diary entry. Basically, this section will just be me, rambling.

Today, as has been the case for about a month now, I’m researching noise reduction flooring options. What a challenge this has been.

I have a wonderful healing space now except that the flooring is vinyl composition tile over concrete. I live on a small mountain so there are two directions of freeway traffic within 15 minutes and, in the winter when no leaves are on the trees, I think I can feel every car that’s going anywhere.

The vibration, which has not even been noticable to anyone else who has visited me here, is driving me batty.

But this morning, I finally approached it spiritually. That’s really the only way to get anywhere with any challenge in the third dimension. Until I own what I’ve created, I can’t change it.

How did I create this, you might ask…..the traffic is just the traffic, right?

The Noise is in me:
Yes, the traffic is there. And ELF waves are there as well. They are there for everyone, and not just me so it is something about me that makes these toxic sounds more toxic and offensive.

I have a very sensitive system, true. I am empathic so I feel a lot more vibrational frequency than some who have not chosen to open their sensitivity circuits as widely and more than those who are not utilizing their empathic gifts. That’s all true …. and …. there is more to this than that.

Something in my own vibration is irritating and droning, just like what I hear at night. I’m zeroing in on it. I can see the mental patterns in my mind that would have unconsciously drawn me to this particular building.

As Tony says, we can learn in at least two ways….we can move toward pleasure or move away from pain. It’s been a pattern of mine to move away from pain. In other words, I create situations that are so painful that I must change.

Since this original post, I co-created so much pain for myself that I had to sell the building I had purchased with an ego-based idea of starting a healing center. How do I know it was ego-based and not spirit-directed? I’m not there. It never manifested fully. It’s gone.

Choosing a different way:
Today, I’m deciding that I want to live the rest of whatever life I have left moving toward pleasure. In other words, I want to create situations where I am constantly being led to make choices that move me in the direction of joy, peace and harmony.

It’s one thing to say that, another to shift the mental patterns that need to shift for that to happen. However, awareness has always been the main step I take that allows me to begin to change. Once I’m aware of how I’m creating my outer reality, by how I’m managing my inner reality (thoughts and feelings) then I am more open to Higher Guidance about whatever I’ve created that is challenging me.

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