A Beautiful Day…..?

Warm with Sunshine in December!

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A Gift from Nature or Global Warming Effect?

This year will go down in my memory as the year of endless summer in Alabama. I know it’s been drastically different elsewhere but I cannot remember a summer with more sunny days than this one.

While I’m grateful for sunshine and warmth in the middle of December, I also have that nagging thought about global warming that never seems to go away.

I listen to both sides of the heated debate. Scientists, politicians, marine biologists, ecologists, nature activists, etc…..

One part of me has always subscribed more to the idea that nature adjusts. It certainly has been true so far that the earth has adjusted to whatever we humans have thrown at her, and still keeps spinning.

But where’s the tipping point? Where’s the point of no return, from which Earth could not recover from us?

That’s enough to dull the pleasure of what I see outside. But…..it is what it is and today, it is beautiful, sunny and warm here in Alabama.

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