Healing Workshop in 2018

Upcoming Accelerated Alignment Healing Workshops – Update 2018

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Do you feel led
to study energy medicine?

Is there a call
on your life, to service?

Is it time to develop your spiritual gifts?

UPDATE: 2018: I no longer offer weekend classes or retreats but I’ve moved a lot of information online at the blog here and my main website. Please check the free healing class offered, for example. It has been a fascinating decade for me since 2007. In many ways, I feel as if I’ve been on a mountaintop sabbatical except that, instead of spending that time in further spiritual pursuits, I’ve been almost on automatic pilot. The great thing about having awakened though is that, even when we don’t actively try to grow, we can’t really stay where we were. I am emerging and understanding that a lot has gone on while I was in my time of self-imposed shut down.

How that looks in the outside world, I don’t know yet. I don’t ever really see myself stepping back into the service paradigm. That blew apart for me in 2001 as I realized the position it put the other person in and the position it required that I hold for the whole thing to keep working.

Actually, I saw clearly that it didn’t work anymore. There had to be a way to share, rather than stand in the position of healer (requiring someone who needed healing to exist).

Back then, back in 2007 and 2008, I thought maybe the work I was to offer would stem from Sacred Initiations during spiritual ceremony and particularly from a direct energy transfer of a Shamanic Nature. I thought these classes cover all aspects of working with energetic and vibrational healing, including how to keep oneself clear as a healing facilitator, how to stay grounded and centered in the work, and how to evaluate energy fields, create Sacred Space for empowered
healing and understand what you see in a healing session.

I expected to integrate into these classes teachings on dna repair, cellular release work through all levels of tissue, past life integration and release and etheric template healing. Even now, nearly a decade later, I know I could still teach such things. I still have the knowledge. The question is whether it’s the best use of my energy and the best gift I could share.

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