Only Kindness Matters

Choosing Kindness in Each Moment

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Living in the Now, Choosing in the Now to be Kind

I was awake in the night,
reviewing my moment-to-moment
decisions of the day before

I recognized some choices that I
made were “right”

Were they kind? No.

Every time I miss an
opportunity to be kind,
I create the potential
for future regret.

Not that I believe God condemns;
my own sense of having a choice
to be kind and instead, utilizing the
choice to be right and “tell the truth”
has caused torture in my mind before.

I know how to
avoid that feeling ….

It is better to choose kindness
Than to look back and wish I
had been kind.

“In the end,
only kindness matters.”

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