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The Continuing Search for Bursitits Relief
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MSM and Traumeel for Bursitis Pain

Update, 2018: New remedy for bursitis pain and inflammation. I’m now getting great results with organic cold pressed castor oil, applied to areas of pain. It’s helping with carpal tunnel, hip pain and elbow pain.

This is an update to an earlier post on Treating Bursitis

Yesterday, I added MSM to my bursitis treatment regimen and can say that I slept better last night, with less pain. The swelling was down this morning but not gone.

(Update, 7/24/2014: Since this post I’ve learned that MSM in capsule form is processed and contains anti-caking ingredients that may render it rather useless. Better to take unprocessed Sulfur Flakes.

Then, today, I got a product I had ordered for inflammation called Trameel. It is homeopathic and I usually respond well to homeopathic remedies so I took it and used the topical Traumeel ointment as well.

Pain much relieved and swelling also down more but not gone. It’s really stubborn, this bursitis flare up!

I was a little nervous when I read what was in Traumeel because it included a homeopathic echinacea and chamomile and I’ve had allergic reactions to taking both in herbal form. However, so far, no allergic reactions to the traumeel at all.

I sure wish I had the bursitis patches I ordered but they are not here yet.

If the Traumeel continues to work for internal inflammation, which is a challenge for me at other times and not just when I have a bursitits flare up, it will be added to my health regimen and I’ll do a review of it under the health supplements category. To get future updates, just subscribe to the blog.

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