Ambient Pillow Review

Does the Ambient Pillow Work?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Finding the Perfect Pillow, no easy task

I’ve probably spent a thousand dollars on pillows, searching for one that would be comfortable enough to allow me to sleep through the night. I’m still searching.

I bought a temperpedic, which was a great improvement over a regular pillow but over time, caused discomfort in the chin area. It’s fine for when I’m on my back because it cradles the neck good (although I think it’s too wide for a woman’s neck) but when I turn on my side, it presses too hard against the chin.

Of course, the cheaper versions, like the one I bought at Walmart, often have a terrible smell that last for weeks and don’t work as well as temperpedic.

I’ve tried the Chiropillow that has water in it. Nope. Again, more comfortable than a regular pillow but still not “it” for me.

The other day, I saw the Ambient Pillow on Oprah and decided to order one. It is advertised as “Holofiber” and benefits include significant increase of oxygenated blood flow through the body.

I can’t say I love it yet, but I’ve only slept on it one night. I can say it’s too big. I got the standard and didn’t see a smaller size. I’m beginning to wonder if the default size for pillows is determined by men. Maybe a woman needs to design a pillow for women……

Anyway, too big. Hurt my neck. I tried to lay on it but I just couldn’t. I was dizzy the next morning, I think from my neck.

In any case, I used it as a body pillow instead and will try that for a few days to see if I receive any of the benefits of increase oxygen that they advertise:

Says increased oxygen should help me build strength, accelerate muscle recovery and regulate body temperature.

Also, canary in the coal mine that I am, there is a smell that I don’t like. It’s very, very subtle and probably would not bother most people but those with MCS might want to go to a store and smell one first.

My final product review on the Ambient Holofiber Pillow

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