Meditation in Spiritual Planes

Does evil exist in the spiritual plane?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on Spiritual Development:I saw your web site somewhat by accident and felt the need to write to you. I have been contacted through meditation by an spirit or enlightenment. Since I have always been told that I have been chosen as a lucky gifted one I have never acknowledged the presence of the spiritual plane. Are you familiar with this plane of spirituality? I have been feeling very confused of late with regards to the nano moments that I feel this presence. Is it a good presence is there negative or evil presences too ? I understand and accept that my spiritual plane is expanding and in visiting with a spiritual psychic I not sure ….

Do you have awareness of anything I am talking about. I am really not a goofy person actually my entire life has been very logical and practical until late.

Healing Facilitation Response:
I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant by “I have been contacted through meditation by an spirit of enlightenment”.

I am assuming you mean you have been contacted by a spirit you considered to
be enlightened while you were meditating. I believe it is our natural state to be able to access the higher planes of consciousness but that most of us have forgotten we have this gift so yes, if you remember, that would set you apart from folks who don’t remember how wonderful we all are.

I am not sure what you meant by “spiritual plane” either. There are various
levels of consciousness and awareness, vibrational frequencies, but I’m not
sure I am understanding your experience. If my comments don’t seem to resonate with you then I might need to know more about what happened in the meditation that led you to believe you had contacted an enlightened being and also, what leads you to believe there might also be negative or evil influences there.

In my spiritual awareness, the akashic records make everything available and it’s a matter of frequency what information we each tap into. Since there are events and thoughts and behaviors that would be called evil by most of us, those experiences are just as available as what we might consider positive experience.

Spiritual intent establishes result. If your intent is clear, the result will be also. Hope that helps. Until I get more input on what actually happened, I can’t really comment futher on your questions.

In my own experiences with meditation and spiritual ceremony, I’ve often felt fear nipping at my heels because I was going into the unknown. Sometimes, that even had the flavor of evil because fear has the flavor of evil but, as long as my intent was clear, it never manifested as an evil experience.

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