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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

When Miracles Become Mundane

I was speaking with a woman about coming to my place for some spiritual retreat time and healing facilitation work. She mentioned that a friend of hers was very excited about the book, The Secret but that she didn’t think it was such a big deal and that it really didn’t have anything in it that she didn’t already know.

I immediately thought “She’s Jaded”.

Then, on the heels of that thought, “Where am I spiritually jaded?”

It’s not uncommon for me to zero in on the mental patterns and belief systems of people I work with as a healing facilitator. That’s spiritual discernment; divination by invitation. I’m in that evaluation and assessment mode by request.

However, when I catch myself, in the midst of a casual conversation, evaluating belief systems in someone who has not asked me to do so, that’s judgment and usually a reflection. I know it’s time to turn the critical eye to myself.

I’ve noticed, in my years as a facilitator of healing and transformation, that we will often notice with rapidity in others qualities that are hidden from us within ourselves.

Pot calls kettle black.

It is hard for me not to get jaded. Probably is difficult for a lot of spiritually aware people, not just me. I have had such moments of miraculous, almost indescribable connection with Spirit that I think I unconsciously begin to resent the moments that are not that.

I also become jaded. I no longer share the absolute wonder and awe of that person who experiences God in a miraculous way for the first time. I do this because I know the truth is that the moment they are in will not last.

It’s that old, old spiritual saying……

Before I was enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water.

And oh, guess what?


It’s no different after enlightenment and I sometimes resent the wood and water thing.

Where am I jaded? Good question to sleep on tonight. I’m grateful to the person who held up that mirror for me to more clearly view myself. I ponder and this comes I am spiritually jaded

Spirit Journey Woman and Me, Sittin Around Talking

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