Do holistic health and prescription drugs mix?

Cautions on Mixing Natural and Prescription meds

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on healing:
Can I practice holistic healing when I also am under a medical doctor’s care?

Healing Facilitation Response:
Probably not. The exception would be if you have sought out one of the medical doctors who recognizes the value of adjunctive therapies, nutritional support and holistic remedies that can sometimes replace more dangerous prescription drugs.

When one has immersed themselves in the medical model of treatment, it can become extremely difficult if not impossible for a holistic health counselor to make any really useful supplement suggestions.

This is due, in part, to the fact that there are so very many drug interactions, particularly with the newer treatment pills. Not only might your prescription drugs interfere with herbs but they may even interfere with certain types of food, such as grapefruit, dark greens and others.

I would be hesitant to suggest adding anything at all while you are taking all these various prescription medications and certainly not before discussing it with your doctor and with your pharmacist. By the way, your pharmacist may know more about your prescription drugs than your doctor. After all, drugs is the entire focus of the pharmacy industry.

I an provide holistic health suggestions for most health challenges that people deal with but I certainly cannot say whether any of the suggestions I might have would interfere with a prescription drug or not.

IMPORTANT: If a person chooses to try the holistic route of healing, they are deciding to self-treat and self-monitor the effects of that treatment. They are doing so at their own risk. Going off any prescription medication may be unwise. Self-treatment entails being responsible for your body, in ways that many are not comfortable with being, so if the medical model is providing substantial relief, a person might be better off to just stick with that.

I provide holistic suggestions, under the parameters of self-responsibility outlined above, and I’m happy provide that service but the bulk of my greatest gift is to those who are not already treating with a variety of prescription drugs and those who are open to non-physical factors in the creation of disease, namely spiritual, mental and emotional causative factors.

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