Spiritual Significance of Bursitis

What is the Spiritual Message Behind Bursitis?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Spiritual Significance of Bursitis – well, at least my bursitis

I got a glimmer into the bursitis pain I’ve been dealing with for the past two weeks and see clearly that it has it’s origins in resentment as well. The first time I ever had it, I was feeling very resentful. I was driving home from a vacation trip and seemed to be bombarded by cigarette smoke everywhere we stopped. Convenience stores, restaurants, hotel rooms that were supposed to be non-smoking.

The fact that my mom smokes and I could smell it strongly every time she got back in the car made it even worse. Add to this my fatigue from driving for hours and a negative state of mind…..surely the formula for some kind of physical manifestation.

I remember sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and then driving through pouring rain, and all the while, I leaned with my left elbow on the armrest on the door. It was not a cushioned armrest but hard plastic. I remember my elbow hurting but I was so exhausted and resentful and negative that I didn’t think to move it…..for hours.

That was the beginning. So I know the emotional root of it now. The next step was to look at why it has resurfaced again. What triggered a repeat of the bursitis?

Again, it appears that resentment is at the core of it. And, again, it is family-oriented. And, as I mentioned in the article After Sleeping On It, the fault is my own judgment of where I think my family ought to be, spiritually and emotionally and financially.

Is it a coincidence that the swelling is down this morning….is it the Traumeel finally kicking in, or the NSAIDS I took yesterday or is it partially due to my increased awareness?

I think all of the above.

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