Bruno Groening Healing Event

Spiritual Healing through the medically verifiable Teachings of Bruno Groening

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise notedp://” target=”_blank”>Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

My Introduction to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends / Your invitation to experience the teachings of Bruno Groening:

I attended a spiritual event held by Bruno Groening advocates. It was a blessing to me so I’’m happy to let people know of upcoming events. I will keep this posted even after the date, since they have free gatherings all the time and in various locations. If you want more info about events in your area, please email Elke Wetterich: ewe.wetterich at

A higher power exists which can help everyone. It is part of all religions and was known to physicians. This ancient knowledge unlocks the door to help and healing once again to people seeking it. It is based on the teachings of Bruno Groening (1906_1959), who became known through his great healings

Update, 2016: I used to have an event posted here which has long since happened. To get the latest on spiritual events being held by the Bruno Groening advocates, you might want to visit Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

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