Bursitis Patches Results

Patches for Bursitis – Do They Work?
Bursitis Patches Review

Important: Please also read the comment left by a representative of the company that makes the patches I ordered. It is very informative.

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Bursitis Patches Review

Update 3/18/2012: Since originally writing this article on bursitis, I’ve come across another
Natural Bursitis Remedy. Have not tried it because, knock on wood, have not had a relapse but including here for info.

As I’ve been posting on the blog, I’m having a major problem with painful bursitis in my elbow. You might want to read the progression of posts to get the idea….

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I’ve tried every natural bursitis remedy I know about including MSM, turmeric, Salmon Oil and NSAIDS.

I also ordered some “bursitis patches” from Austrailia and, at long last, they finally arrived. I put one on last night and left it on about 12 hours. Results – None whatsoever.

I’m very disappointed but an wearing another again today. According to the instructions, I may have to use all 10 patches. If so, that’s another 10 days to deal with this…..not good.

So far, I can’t say I’m pleased with the patches but will report again in a few days time.

7 thoughts on “Bursitis Patches Results

  1. Hello there,

    I could not help coming across your blog, my name is Toky and I am from customer care where you purchased your patches. Please accept my apologies in advance if you feel that this is unorthodox to leave a comment on your blog or please remove this post if you feel that it is improper. I just thought that the information here may help you and your readers.

    Firstly I just wanted to let you know that our patches are not intended to cure a person’s bursitis (whilst in many cases they have) as there may be many underling causes for the condition, such as inflammatory disease or an ongoing repetitive strain injury.

    Our patches have been designed as a natural alternative treatment option to the current invasive treatments that exist. They are intended to help the area heal by firstly naturally draining the excess fluids and secondly by naturally promoting blood flow to the area stimulating the healing process. So even if you can not see fluid on the patches there is still a second mechanism working which you can not see.

    Many of our customers have found that if you place a bandage around the patches that this helps the patch make better contact with the skin and they see a better result, so you may wish to try this.

    Some advise for your reader, regardless if you try our patches or have found an alternative treatment that works for you, and assuming that you do not have any underlying inflammatory disease it will then be up to you to adequately rest the area and to identify and if possible avoid any physical or repetitive activities to allow full recover.

    Also if your bursitis is caused by a repetitive stress injury, or a repetitive activity is stopping your bursitis from healing, then you need try to avoid performing those tasks or correct your body mechanics when you do.
    – Use sound ergonomic equipment and setups.
    – Ensure you stay within the comfortable range of motion of the joint.
    – Keep muscular control over the entire motion being performed. Do not let things just flop around.
    – Do not stress the joint with particularly heavy or unbalanced loads.
    – Avoid side loading the joint. In other words keep the motion of the limbs in line with each other.
    – Do not place a static load on the area of concern. Keep things moving. Even sitting for a while places a static load some where.
    – Cushion the joint when possible. Use knee pads when kneeling and other pads on shoulders when carrying loads on them.

    I hope that this information is of some help for you and your readers and of cause if you still feel that our patches were unable to help you, please do not hesitate to take up our money back guarantee that we offer as we genuinely do believe in our product.

    I wish you a speedy recover.

    Merry Christmas


    Thanks Toky. I appreciate the advice and the information. I have used 4 out of the 10 patches that I ordered and, unfortunately, I’m not getting any results at all. I see very little drainage after leaving on all night, despite my elbow being quite swollen.

    In fact, the only thing so far that has helped the swelling is Aleve but I have issues with NSAIDs and would rather not take them, which is why I’ve been so busy researching each and every remedy that seemed to give any hope.

    I also appreciate your clarification about the patches not “curing” bursitis. I know no one can claim a cure unless it’s a medical doctor and that the patches are only provided to introduce ingredients into the area of swelling that may help to reduce it. I am sorry that they are not working for me yet but the more I read about bursitis, the more I realize how important rest is in healing it. That’s kind of impossible when your work includes as much typing as my own but maybe with the Christmas Holidays I’ll do better.

    I was going to write and ask the company if it would be helpful to dampen the patch before applying? It just seems like nothing much changes in the patch, even if I leave it on for 12 hours. If you read this, feel free to post more helpful guidelines for my readers and I want you to know how much I appreciate your input.

    Thanks, Neva

  2. Hi Neva,

    Yes you are absolutely correct, resting your injured area is by far the most important thing you can do, both before and after any treatment for this condition. Unfortunately like yourself many people are in real life situations that do not allow them the grace of time to recover and unfortunately continue to unwillingly repeatedly agitate their injury.

    The risk is that if bursitis remains chronic (long standing), then there is the real possibility of internal scarring. The scare tissue can then cause long term pain by permanently pressing on nerves. This can then lead to long term use of pain killers in the hope that it will eventually go away. I think you are right to use Christmas to rest your injury as this is the best Christmas present you can give yourself right now.

    I think that it is important for your readers to discover what works for them and once they get that edge over their injury they should then make sure to give their bursitis every chance possible to heal, considering that very often treatments become less affective over time.

    I was also wondering is you had the chance to try using a bandage over the patches? As for slightly wetting the patches prior to wearing we have never tried this, so I can not honestly say if that will help.

    I understand that our treatment may not help everyone so please email me directly if you still have no luck and I shall arrange a full refund for you.

    Once again I do wish you a speedy recovery.

    Merry Christmas


    Customer Care

    P.S. We all here think that this is great what you are doing, taking your time to help others with your experiences. It really helps people to make better informed choices.

  3. Its a nice post about herbal remedies.
    Thanks for such an helpful and required information.
    Also for your time for posting this post.

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  4. My mother used a different kind of patch, “Actipatch” for her bursitis and it really worked – you may want to try it. I left a more comments on the webpage where it was ordered. Hope it helps and good luck!

    Admin note: Promotional link removed.

  5. Genvieve:

    Actipatch is a drug-free, painless electromagnetic patch is a medical device that delivers a pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy in a small, patient applied patch, to accelerate healing of soft tissue injuries.

    This is a totally different approach to treating bursitis than the patches I posted about. The patches I used contained ingredients known to draw out fluids and reduce swelling whereas the Actipatch is more of a device.

    I didn’t see anything on the site about using the Actipatch for bursitis but it is listed as helpful for edema, or swelling, and for pain so I could see where it might be helpful in cases of bursitis. Glad it was helpful for your mom. I did not see your review on the site either.

    There’s info on Actipatch here:

  6. I had bursitis last year and it wasn’t pleasant, so I can relate to your situation. Although I never used this patch you speak of, I’m hoping that it did the trick after going through the 10-day treatment. As for myself, I had a combination of an anti-inflammatory oral medication combined with being injected directly into the areas (yes, I had it in 2 sites simultaneously) that it was inflamed with another anti-inflammatory. After I was eventually healed from that, I made sure to go to all of my PT appointments for 3 months to strengthen the areas again. When I was able to work again, I made sure to cushion the areas affected by purchasing cushions to soften the pressure of being in such postures.

    scarheal dot com

  7. Yes, I believe the patches worked as well as anything I’d tried and, if you read the post, you know I tried a lot of stuff. I feel it’s a good product.

    I can’t imagine being injected. I’ve got a thing about needles. What did they use? Cortisone?

    One of the best anti-inflammatory products I’ve ever used is Zyflamend. I made a post on that recently, actually a product review so if you have an interest, it’s under that section here:

    I’ve had a twinge of it here and there but, knock on wood, hasnt’ come back and I’m hoping it never does.

    Very painful condition.

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