Goddess Circle: Divine Feminine Gathering

Mary Ann Halpin Retreats/Workshops

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I attended a Goddess event with Mary Ann Halpin while I lived in Los Angeles. It was a delightfully rich experience. She also did my headshots, which were wonderful. If you are in the Los Angeles area or in the mood to travel for a exciting spiritual event, then check out Mary Ann Halpin Retreats

Her next retreat is set for June 2016 and it’s a photography retreat for women. Here’s the info:

In this retreat, women from all creative expressions are welcomed to explore and hone their talent. Through yoga, meditation and visualization, you will get the opportunity to dive deep into your heart to ignite or re-ignite your creative passions. This is a spiritual renewal that will replenish your mind, body and spirit and find harmony in your creative soul.

Nestled in the Los Padres National Forest, Pine Mountain is a beautiful village located only 70 miles north of Los Angeles. The sacred mountains and the trees will feed your divine feminine soul. You will experience the energy and power of Pine Mountain that sits below Mt. Pinos, the Chumash natives call “The Center of the World.” This is an exquisite time to experience the fall in the mountains and a powerful change of season being over the fall equinox.

We will begin each morning with restorative yoga, meditation and visualization. We will engage in discussions to explore your creative ideas about your projects, business and career. This is a wonderful opportunity to open to new projects and creative ventures.

Through daily assignments you will be stimulated to explore new ways of seeing through your photographic adventure on different locations in and around Pine Mountain. Slideshows and discussions of your daily photographs will be shared with the group to enliven you to further develop your photography skills and creative projects.

You will get private time with Mary Ann to discuss your work, career and possible book ideas to develop. Through healthy food, stimulating group conversations, inspiring music and the exquisite surroundings you will feel an opening in your mind and heart and a deeper connection to your artistic self.

Come to the mountains, walk in the woods, breathe clean air, gaze at the stars and discover a different powerful part of yourself that will assist you in a more creative relaxed flow in your work and life. Give yourself the gift of luxuriating in the time for your creative feminine self and a safe and nurturing space to explore and share with other passionate women. Join us on this four day journey of renewal and inspiration.

Who is the Goddess?
The Goddess is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She is passionate, creative and forthright. Her heart is open and compassionate with a core of inner peace that is unshakeable. The Goddess glows with beauty, spirit and strength. Her magnetic presence draws many to her.
You are the Goddess!

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