Tis the Season to Diet

For those with a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Update, 2018: I can no longer locate the Vaxa product containing bioperine but there are several products online containing that ingredient.

Bioperine for Weight Loss
I am providing some information on a weight loss product from a company I respect, called Vaxa Nutraceuticals, for those who might be wanting to lose a few pounds for the new year.

Växa uses Bioperine® in the advanced weight loss product B-T Plus. B-T Plus gives you long- lasting, balanced energy while curbing your appetite and increasing your metabolic rate. Because of the incredible absorption rates caused by this ” thermonutrient,” the ingredients of B-T Plus get into the body faster and stay in your body longer. In addition, you will get results quicker than ever before!

Bioperine® (trademark of the Sabinsa Corporation patent #5,536506) is a “thermonutrient” derived from black pepper. It helps the body ensure absorption of essential nutrients from our foods and supplements. Double-blind, clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Bioperine® when used in conjunction with a variety of nutrients. For example, a study compared the bioavailability of a single dose of vitamin B6 (100mg) when used with Bioperine® and found absorption was 2.5 times higher in the group receiving vitamin B6 with Bioperine® as compared to the control group receiving the vitamin supplementation alone. Additional studies have shown as much as a 30% higher rate of absorption of ingredients was possible when taken with Bioperine®.

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