James Redfield Invitation

Invitation to visit the Celestine Vision Website

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Celestine Vision Website
I so appreciate the Gentle, Genuine Spirit that is James Redfield.
I wanted to pass along his invitation to visit the Celestine Prophecy
forum, to touch base with and stay connected with other Light
Workers during these powerful, transformative times.

At James and Salle Redfield’s forum, there are growing numbers
who have been posting requests for prayer as well as sharing
insights with each other. We’ve just created a new section
called “Living the Vision,” which includes topics such as:
Meditation and Prayer, Environment and Sustainability,
Dreams and the Mystical, and Health and Well-being.

If you feel led, please join with others in growing the
Celestine Community by sharing your ideas and wisdom
in the Celestine Forum and Chat.

Visit the Celestine Vision Website

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