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FDA Petition Filed Requesting Irradiation of Dietary Supplements:

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Update, 2018: Of course, the FDA approval on irradiation of our food supply is still in position. As for the irradiation of supplements, it’s amazing that there is so little information. Most of the sources against it were lodged around 2018. I don’t know if the FDA approved irradiation of supplements but I did read one post saying that a lot of the supplements tested in Europe had been irradiated.

But is it safe to irradiate items that humans will be ingesting? Unsurprisingly, the FDA says it is and gives compelling reasons including foodbourne pathogens, extending shelf life, controlling insects, etc. For more on the FDA Stance on Irradiating Foods

Not sure what food irradiation is or how it might affect you? For a good view of why so many people are against radiated foodstuffs, visit the Irradiated Foods section at Organic Consumers

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This email request comes from Citizens For Health, an organization fighting to stop the irradiation of our food. There is a link at the bottom for voting against irradiation.

Join CFH and AHPA in Saying “NO” to Irradiation!

Dear Supporter,
Earlier today I alerted you to our position in opposition to a petition filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow the use of ionizing radiation for the control of microbial contamination on dietary supplements and dietary ingredients.

Unfortunately, because the format of the alert and letter were different than those to which you are normally accustomed, a number of you were confused about how to proceed, or believed you were encountering problems with your email addresses or log-in names and passwords. I have sent this follow up to clarify/correct things in a way that will make it easier to make your voices heard. I also want make sure everyone gets the message, not just those who took the time to contact me about it.

There were two reasons for the nature of this email alert:

The FDA has been discouraging comments to individual email addresses, and has preferred written letters or comments submitted using their website’s comments form

Individually crafted letters are seen as carrying more weight than many similar letters or emails
However, the priority here is that you can be heard on this issue, not the manner in which you are heard.

Remember that now, as it has been at every point in our nation’s history, if it were not for the dedication of the few, the vast majority of us would not enjoy the rights and freedoms we do. Your voice is needed now to preserve our access to food and supplements free from irradiation.

Thanks for taking action,
Frank Herd, Jr Executive Director

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